November 2008

Community Picnic (Moruya)

Community Picnic (Moruya)

Hallo all frenz and famextenz on this list,
Hope to see some of you on the day,
otherwise just to pass on the message post.
As ever, I hope the clip poster comes through…
I’m taking some books, with indigenous connections and relevance to the area,
to donate to a stall.
xxx’s Fran


An interesting article by Matthew Hodgson over at the AppGap about adoption models for social media and collaborative computing in the workplace.

Did you know that the top-down model is the least successful in organisations that are unused to change? No suprises there.

Chris Brogan has posted this seminar on his blog. Its Kevin Kelly from Wired talking about the next step. It accords with my observations about where the Web is heading. HERENOW Collective is interested in assisting organisations to prepare for the changes caused by the power of this ‘collective of things’ in the virtual world. It is also the new power of the collective mind. Be prepared, it will change our world.

Meanwhile, I would like to introduce another associate of HERENOW Collective: Fiona McIlroy. I have added her webpage as a link under Collaborators, and this is her picture

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The Future of Work’s Newsletter just arrived in my inbox. Interesting article about Social Networking’s maturity as a form of collaborative communication: Read it here –

Thanks to @jarruzza on Twitter for putting me onto this link: Towards Maturity, via Next Generation Learning

Noted particularly the identification of ‘Learner context’ as a key strand for success:

“Mature organisations are likely to have a greater focus on understanding the context of the learner, their motivations and environment. Understanding the learner context requires a fresh look on learner motivation, opportunities for informal learning, work life balance and opportunities to use new technologies for learning.”


Here I am!

I have transferred my blog to WordPress because it has a better
interface with some of the other social media services I am using. As
time goes on, I will transfer more of the old content over (I think).
mwah Samara

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Here are some interesting links:

David Kemper’s The Digital Archive blog

A website / blog called Seradigm

I think the possibilities for organisations are endless and exciting. If they have the courage…

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