suzemuse posted yesterday (Social Media is NOT an Innovation) about the WWW finally becoming a place of connection:

Communication, collaboration and communities are starting to become the mainstream ways in which people are using the Web. The social Web is no longer just for the “social media crowd”. I suspect, over the next 6 months, that this is going to become even more prevalent. I also suspect, that over the next little while, our label of “social media” is going to, if not go away, at least change. 10 years ago, people saw the Web was a place to get information. Today, more and more people are seeing it as a place to connect.

Some of the comments were really interesting. Including this:

allan isfan, on December 1st, 2008 at 10:22 am Said:

Amazing how long it has taken to finally get here. We are finally using the web the way it was intended and yet, it feels like we’re at the tip of the iceberg.

The trick will now be to figure out how to actually improve the planet we live on through the web. Solve big problems. That is what I’m really excited about.

Yes that is something to get excited about. It’s time to roll up our sleeves people. Let’s get working!

Drum roll please…

Dr Deb Foskey

Dr Deb Foskey

I would like to introduce Dr Deb Foskey, former ACT Greens MLA, now free-lance consultant, who is also one of HERENOW Collective’s Associates.

Dr Deb Foskey is a dedicated social reformer with a fervent belief in, and commitment to, a fairer and more equitable world. Through both her community and representative work she has made substantial contributions to the awareness and advancement of contemporary issues such as climate change, environmental protection, education, public housing and women’s rights.

Deb’s practical experience in current environmental and social issues at the local, national and global levels is backed up by outstanding research and policy development skills that enable her to quickly gain a thorough understanding of new subject matter.

Deb is a relationship builder who connects with people from all walks of life, works effectively with diversity and recognises the importance of genuine consultation. She combines a well established ability to represent her constituents assertively with a very human style that considers and respects other points of view. HERENOW collective is very pleased to be able to work with Deb.