BowensOrganisations often have a strong sense of what they want to achieve but lack the tools and techniques to achieve their aims. These can be developed through learning experiences which strengthen group cohesion and personal empowerment while building expertise in advocacy, democratic processes and planning and implementing a campaign.

Dr Deb Foskey, Associate at HERENOW Collective offers workshops either as a series, where a campaign strategy is developed by the group; or as single workshops tailored to meet the group’s needs. All are aimed at increasing the effectiveness and advocacy skills of organizations.

Topics include:

1. Working with government and using government processes
2. Developing a campaign strategy
3. Effective group processes which enhance democracy
4. Developing strategic alliances
5. Getting messages out
6. Sustainability in organizations – preventing burnout and empowering members
7. Sustainability in organizations – reducing our ecological footprint
8. Building community climate change resilience through community development

HERENOW Collective can provide facilitators such as Deb Foskey or design workshops in consultation with representatives of the client group.

HERENOW Collective is committed to working in ways and for outcomes which enhance social, ecological and economic sustainability.  Our overall aim is to empower organisations whose work in some way contributes to their own and the Earth’s sustainability.