And enough room for all our stuff...

And enough room for all our stuff...

Well we made it. After a week of rushing around, packing, cleaning, driving, arguing, stressing.

So here are a few photos of the shed, which has had a lot more done to it since we were up at Caba a month ago. Look at the doors! (Although apparently there were a few problems…mainly on account of the strong and frequent winds up on the ridge.) Link to Photos

All our stuff fits (except for the other stuff…) And even a bit of room for a couch to sit on. However, the strong smell of napthalene will probably put visitors off.

So on Tuesday we take the Spirit of Tasmania and head for Hobart (like rats fleeing…?)

Leaving fires burning and other chaos around Victoria. At the moment, East Gippsland is basically fire-free. However, there is a month of hot, dry weather to come. Our fingers are crossed that Caba escapes the fires this season (the fires of 2003 were horrendous), and the shed doesn’t burn down.