April 2009

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Is this the future for Knowledge Management?

In 2025, every individual in every organization uses their own personal computer for both personal and work applications. Almost all information is Web-based, with organizations’ proprietary information only accessible through authorization software. E-mail has disappeared, replaced by a virtual presence application that includes instant messaging, screensharing, voice/videoconferencing, filesharing, calendaring, tasklists.

The KM department still manages the purchase of external information, though almost all information in 2025 is free; information producers have realized that their business model is to apply that information to specific customers’ business environment, in consulting assignments, rather than trying to sell publications. Most of the mainstream media were nationalized after they went bankrupt using their traditional business models, and now operate as public services.

Most of what the KM department does now is trying to facilitate more effective conversations among people within the organization and with people outside the organization, including customers. They facilitate many meetings that use the virtual presence application, especially those that involve more than five people. That facilitation includes organizing the meeting, distributing advance materials, facilitating the discussion (conflict resolution, staying on schedule etc.), and even recording, editing and publishing the meeting as appropriate. They run courses in effective conversation, meeting and presentation skills.

I am a great admirer of Dave Pollard’s thought provoking posts, so I really don’t have anything to add to this one.

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The las few days have been a mite chilly! We have had log fires, and it is definitely a taste of things to come. End of daylight saving too.

Spent the weekend camping on the Tasman Peninsula, we had a part good, part bad time. We have concluded that the bast way for us to camp is take our packs with us and walk / camp. Hell is other campers.

Things progress, we settle in, are starting to meet people, and are invited to a few things. Work goes well, money comes in, slowly.

For a look at some of the stuff that I have been doing at art school, check out my website: www.samaram.com.au and click on the ‘blog’. Go easy though, it it is heavy on the downloads.