Open sky?The future of Work Agenda Newsletter has hit my inbox, and Jim Ware and Charlie Grantham of the Work Design Collaborative have this to say re 2009:

The people of America are tired. Tired of being afraid; tired of checking under the bed every night for the boogeyman; and, yes, tired of being taken for granted while greed and hubris run rampant.

So we enter a new year with Hope (sometimes that’s all we have). In 2009 that’s hope for new leadership – leadership that is already being tested by the lesser angels.

So what does all this mean for the future of work? Our short answer is “A lot.” We think Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, said it best when he spoke recently about the events of the past few months, saying “Someone has hit the reset button. This is not a normal change in the business cycle.”

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Over at Do You Stand For Something, they speculate that 2009 is a turning point where:

we might expect to see the role of corporations in cause-related activities to be diminished as government and individual involvement increase in caring for communities.

My favourite predictions for the year come from the Future Exploration Blog. Their Trend Map is in downloadable pdf format. I’m always a sucker for pretty pictures!

Rain clouds over the Bowen Mountain range

Rain clouds over the Bowen Mountain range

The pundits are busy predicting the shape of our year to come. What’s in store for humanity and the planet? This article from the International Herald Tribune is  worth a read I think.

I thought I might gather together my thoughts and expectations and those of others for a few posts over the quieter month of January.

Firstly, now more than ever, it is time to invent new ways of working.

Secondly, own ideals, but share ideas.

Thirdly, get connected. However or whatever that means for you. Don’t wait. Start now. Time to think collectively.