CuttingA little less than a week in Cabanandra, but we had plenty to do. Working bees, websites, visits and parties. The sun shone brightly and the wind blew fiercely. It looks very dry.

The shed progressed. A little bit closer to finished. We also spent a day or so clearing away the ti-tree. They are predicting another dire summer, and our little bit of clearing may be the difference between a shed standing or one burnt to the ground.

The main thing is that it not become a responsibility for anyone else, as I imagine Cabanandrites will be busy enough protecting their own buildings.

Still, it was somewhat ironic that, in order to ensure that we had less fuel for a bushfire, we had to do so much burning! Mulching seems the much better option. However, we are not rich enough to purchase one of those mulching machines.

Something like this.

We both agree, however that having a campfire is actually on of THE highlights of our stay at Cabanandra.