Some simple tips for going green

Many of us are doing what we can in our own homes to reduce our footprints and be sustainable. What about the workplace?

Turning off lights, reducing paper-use, recycling office consumables and using public transport or car-sharing are all easily implementable options.

I love Friends of the Earth’s approach, but unfortunately the suggestions are UK based. Here’s some Australian links:






REAP ecopaper guide

For more practical suggestions to go green at your workplace try these links:

Planet Green

Sierra Club

Peter Cundall extolling the virtues of curly kale

Peter Cundall extolling the virtues of curly kale

This is a photograph taken at the Hobart Royal Botanic Gardens recently, next to Pete’s Patch. Peter Cundall is extolling the virtues of Curly Kale at this point. It was the TreadLightly festival, a not very well attended, but very pleasant event.

Other happenings?

Well, we have moved to our very own pad in South Hobart, and are enjoying the sunny days of winter. From our window we can watch the fabulous fog that the locals call the Bridgewater Jerry spill down the valley in the morning. Also check out this photo by Tracey Grady.

We are walking to work, because we can. We walk down the Hobart Rivulet Linear Park directly into the centre of town.

Looks like we can also head in the other direction and if we keep going, eventually hit the top of the mountain. Liking it?

Meanwhile, we have decided that one of the best-kept secrets of Hobart are the tip shops. There are four within 30 minutes drive of the city centre. We simply love them, and will probably be furnishing our new pad with our finds.

I now include a couple of photographs of no particular relevance or artistic merit for you to get a sense of the South Hobart ‘vibe’.

View of mountain from South Hobart

View from front windowMorning fogLooking east from South Hobart